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Healthy Habits to Help Prevent the Flu

Healthy Habits to Help Prevent the Flu

There is no sure-fire way to protect yourself from ever getting the flu. In fact, we get many customers dropping by our Pharmacy in Brownsville, Texas to fetch flu medication during this season.

However, there are some things you can do to lower the risk of you and your loved ones from getting infected. Alamo Pharmacy is here to talk about these tips. So make sure to take time to absorb them. Feel free to take notes!

  • Social distance

    This practice is not just to protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus, but other infectious diseases like the flu, as well. Keeping your distance also protects others from you if you are the one who is ill.

  • Get vaccinated

    One of the best ways to really keep yourself safe is to get your annual Flu Shots. This ensures that your immune system is prepared to deal with infections at any given moment.

    You don’t need to visit the hospital for your flu shots. You can drop by our establishment for Pharmaceutical Care in our location at 3127 International Blvd, Brownsville, Texas.

  • Sanitize your hands

    We touch many surfaces every day, and we do not know what germs have been breeding on top of them. If you can avoid it, try not to touch your face or interact with your seniors if you have not sanitized your hands.

Simple right? You don’t need any fancy Medical Supplies to protect yourself and those around you from the flu. If you’re looking for a health care facilities that carries both the COVID-19 and FLU vaccines, don’t hesitate to drop by our establishment, Alamo Pharmacy, in Brownsville, Texas.

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