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How to Manage Your Medications at Home

How to Manage Your Medications at Home

It is easier to take your medications when you are in a hospital because your nurses will take care of them. They will make sure you take the correct medication on time with the right dose. And after leaving the hospital, you will likely continue with your medications. But it is easy to forget, especially when a lot is going on in your day.

So, as a provider of pharmaceutical care in Texas, we have listed down tips for safe medication practices at home.

Always take your medications as prescribed by your doctor. Do not put your health at risk by self-medicating. Do not skip, increase or decrease doses, and stop taking your medications without proper consultation with your doctor.

Be organized. Store your medications properly. Ask your doctor/pharmacist if you need to store your medication in pillboxes so that you can organize them by day and time of when to take them. Create a list with their corresponding day, time, and dose. Put it near your computer, bedside table, and fridge. Set an alarm on your phone every time you need to take one.

Be informed about each drug’s side effects. Understand that one drug may affect another, so do not take over-the-counter medications without a doctor’s consultation. Always call your pharmacist or doctor first if something happens.

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