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Knowing the Side Effects of the COVID Vaccines

Knowing the Side Effects of the COVID Vaccines

The COVID-19 virus has affected the world in a way that we could’ve never imagined. It has been a threat for a long time. It has caused panic and made people paranoid. Many people have been gravely suffering because of the virus.

However, our scientists found a way to help us get through this major crisis. They have made COVID-19 vaccines to help us stand up against this deadly virus.

Before getting your COVID shots, you should know what types of vaccines are available and what their side effects are. As for now, there are three kinds of vaccines which are the Pfizer, Moderna, and the Janssen and Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The Pfizer vaccine is recommended for people aged 16 years and older. If you have a severe allergic reaction such as anaphylaxis, you shouldn’t get this vaccine. Its side effects are tiredness, headache, chills, and nausea.

The Moderna vaccine is recommended for people aged 18 years and older. The same as Pfizer, don’t get this shot if you have severe allergic reactions. You’ll experience pain, redness, and swelling in the arm you got the shot.

The Janssen and Johnson & Johnson vaccine is suggested for people with ages aged who got infected by the virus. You can’t also take this vaccine if you have severe allergic reactions. You can also experience chills, fever, muscle pain, and tiredness after taking the shot.

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