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Monitoring and Tracking Your Health


Part of creating strong health care is detecting the root cause of the concern and having treatment options available at any given time. Treating a disease is always easier when you’re several steps ahead of it; The earlier you get diagnosed, the lesser the chances it will spread.

Whether you feel persisting pain or not, undergoing regular health screenings will optimize your overall wellness, and this will help your physician update your Prescriptions. Our Pharmaceutical Care in Texas offers point-of-care testing that comprises medical tests, including blood sugar testing, Cholesterol level, Blood pressure, Flu testing, and strep testing.

These screenings are part of the Patient Counseling program to detect as-of-yet unidentified diseases or conditions in patients who report that they’re not showing any signs of symptoms.

The health care providers of our Pharmacy in Brownsville, Texas, prioritize early and accurate diagnosis to help map out the patient’s treatment plan and attend to their healthcare needs. Based on the medical history and the results of the tests, your doctor will discuss adjustments you should make in your lifestyle. The test results will also determine the frequency for how often you should have check-ups.

With the increasing number of infectious diseases, the community has become more vulnerable, so participating in annual screening tests protects the patient and others.

While we are known for our extensive Medical Supplies in Brownsville, Texas, we also offer immunization services. Allow Alamo Pharmacy to eradicate risk factors for you and your family through our pharmaceutical care.

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