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Top Reasons Why You Need to Get Vaccinated Right Now

Top Reasons Why You Need to Get Vaccinated Right Now

As cases rise and more variants crop up, getting your COVID shots has never been more necessary and pressing.

That said, despite the vaccine being easily accessible, such as in our very own pharmacy in Brownsville, Texas, where the majority of the rest of the world struggles with the supply, the country is running out of people willing to get vaccinated.

As a provider of pharmaceutical care in Texas, this is a sad and frustrating development. That is why, we are listing down the top reasons why you should get your vaccine now, not later.

  • The vaccine protects you from getting sick

    …and if you do get sick, you can rest easier knowing that you will most likely experience only mild symptoms and less chances of hospitalizations since your immune system will have recognized the virus early on.

  • The vaccine helps protect the more vulnerable members of your family and your community
    If you’re not inclined to protect yourself for some reason, know that by not getting vaccinated, you are also putting another person’s life at risk.
  • The threat of the Delta variant
    The Delta variant is the most dominant form of COVID-19 in the country. What makes this variant different among the many mutations of the virus is how high the level of its transmissibility is—50% up from the Alpha variant that was already 50% more contagious than the original virus.
  • You have a direct impact in reaching herd immunity
    The rate of vaccination needs to reach at least 70%, higher in other places, to attain herd immunity, a level where the virus would have nowhere to go because a large portion of the population is immune from it.

You have the power to protect yourself and others. Get vaccinated today. Trust us at Alamo Pharmacy to be your partner in health.

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