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Why Do You Need to Get a Flu Shot Every Year?


Flu shots, also known as Influenza vaccines, an immunization that aims to protect people from getting infected by the influenza virus.

As one of the leading providers of pharmaceutical care in Texas, we also recommend, along with other healthcare professionals, getting your flu shot every year. Here’s why:

There is this one virus called the influenza virus, which is the main reason we get the disease we call the flu. Just like every virus, the influenza virus consists of a set of genes that are coated in protein. The way that the influenza vaccine works is that it can stimulate the creation of antibodies that attach to the protein coat’s outer structure, which helps in rendering the virus inactive.

However, the exterior structures of the influenza virus are constantly and continually changing or evolving. That is why it is very important or necessary to get a new vaccine every year to help target the structures of the influenza virus.

So, to ensure that you and your family are protected from the flu viruses, it is in your best interest to get a single flu shot every year.

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